Keeping your air conditioner well-maintained can save you money, both on the system itself and on your electricity bill. By investing in system upkeep, you can save yourself money and keep your air conditioner working perfectly.

But when your system isn’t functioning well, it can be difficult to know if it requires immediate attention or not. So here’s a list of five situations that demand emergency attention:

  1. The unit is blowing hot or cold air

    Have you noticed the system blowing out air that’s not consistent with temperature settings? While it may produce regular air levels, it doesn’t match the temperature you’ve set it at. This is a common problem that could be due to low refrigerant levels or a damaged compressor. In this case, it’s important to also inspect the filters, valves, condensation drains and coils for any obstructions.

  2. Strange noises and smells

    Air conditioners should be silent. Get to know your specific system and listen out for odd noises. Minor noises can indicate a need for repairs. There could be an issue with the fan or parts becoming loose. It could simply need a clean, as dirt is blocking an internal mechanism. Be wary of noises such as screeching, grinding, grating, rattling, buzzing or ticking. The same goes for off smells. Mould, dirt and other debris can circulate through your home, via the filter, producing unpleasant smells.

  3. Excess moisture

    There’s nothing worse than sitting on the couch with the air conditioner leaking on you from above. If this happens, call a technician. This sudden leak or increase in condensation could mean it’s time to replace your system. Electricity and water aren’t a good combination.

  4. It’s turning off

    If your system constantly turns itself off or struggles to get started, it probably has a malfunctioning component like a seized compressor. This puts stress on your system and if it’s not addressed, the system might fail entirely.

There are other things to take notice of that don’t necessarily require immediate attention. For example, is your power bill increasing incrementally? Because heating and cooling accounts for up to 40% of electricity consumption, this could be a sign that your system needs inspecting. If the unit is constantly breaking down, it could be time for a replacement. Either way, a professional will be able to tell you.

The best time to arrange a health check service on your air conditioner is before the start of every season, particularly summer and winter. Call our air conditioner repairs team today to organise your service.

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