Just like all of your appliances, your air conditioner has an end date. It’s important to know the warning signs that your system is close to crashing, especially for us South Aussies – it gets hot.

Knowing the signs of a broken air conditioner will help you save money on your power bill. If you’ve ever had a large bill, you’ll know just how much of an impact your appliances have on it.

Repair or replace, before it becomes a problem

As we’ve said before, prevention is always better than cure. Follow these five tips to determine whether your air conditioner needs some TLC.

  1. It’s noisier than it used to be

Air conditioners, especially modern ones, aren’t meant to be loud. If your system makes more noise, there could be a problem with it.

  1. There are strange smells

Your air conditioner shouldn’t smell. If it does, it could indicate burnt out wire insulation or mold growth.

  1. It’s blowing out stuffy, room-temperature air

If your system blows out stale air or the flow is weak, there could be an issue with the compressor. Get onto this quick because it can also be a sign of a clogged vent, which poses health risks.

  1. There’s no power to your unit

If there’s no power when you try to turn it on, there’s an issue. But it doesn’t necessarily mean it needs replacing. Check your fuse box in case it’s tripped a switch. Or call a specialist to examine it.

  1. It’s leaking

Have you noticed drips from your air conditioner? Does the sofa beneath your system feel damp and you’re not sure why? Moisture or leakage could be a result of problems with the refrigerant.

Find that balance of keeping cool and keeping your cool – a comfortable temperature and no big power bills. We can help you with this.

If you notice any of these signs with your air conditioner, call us on 0428 698 258. We’ll come out to inspect your system and see whether it can be repaired or needs to be replaced.