We’ve all experienced the heat of an Adelaide summer. On these 40°C days, nothing is more important than the air conditioner. Opening our windows just lets in hot, stuffy breezes.

When you want to maintain comfortable room temperatures in your house there are 3 main options you’ll want to decide on. Split systems, reverse cycle ducted, and evaporative.

A split system is basically an indoor wall mounted system that blows out refrigerated air to cool or heat the rooms.

The best system for you will depend on your needs, but below we’re going to touch on the advantages of a split system.

Let’s take a look at the reasons South Aussies love split systems.

Advantages of split system air conditioners

  1. Easy to use: Split systems cool (and heat) spaces quickly, via a simple remote control function. Using your system will be a breeze.
  2. No energy wastage: Cool or heat only the areas you want to. You won’t waste money heating unused spaces.
  3. Minimal upfront costs: Split systems are much cheaper to purchase and install.
  4. Affordable to run: Split system air conditioners are very efficient because of the fact that you’re only cooling the rooms you’re actually using instead of the whole house. A split system can be easily maintained & serviced, keeping big fix costs down.
  5. Year-round use: Most split systems have heating and cooling capabilities, so you don’t just use it during the hot months. This way, you get more out of your investment.
  6. Fresher air: Split systems are also renowned for purifying the air, for less dust and allergens in your home, so the health benefits associated with that are also something to note.  

Spend the time when deciding which system to go. If you’d like more advice on split system air conditioners talk to us to see whether it’s a good choice for your home, call us.