We’ve all been in this situation. You bring the mail inside and see the electricity bill. You nervously open it, afraid to look at how much it is this quarter. Urghhh! Why is my electricity bill so high, you wonder. It just keeps creeping up every time!

Energy saving is on everyone’s mind, whether you’re a renter or homeowner (or if you’re running a business). Let’s go through a few of the signs that your electricity bill might be higher than it needs to be.

See how many you say yes to.

  1. Your electricity bills are increasing

Well, let’s get the obvious one out of the way. Have you noticed a higher energy consumption on your bill compared to the last few quarters? While some seasons you might spend more, if you spot a gradual increase over the past four bills (12 months), it’s worth investigating why. Your average electric bill just keeps rising, so you don’t even know what ‘average’ is anymore.

  1. You don’t think twice turning on the air conditioner (and heater)

Yes, we all do this. On a 40°+ degree day, no one can stop you from turning on your air conditioner. But if you’re not being conscious about the appliances and systems you’re using and when, you might notice a spike in your bill. Learn how an air conditioner works. Then, understand the costs of running an air conditioner.

  1. You’ve never had an energy audit

The best way to answer the question, ‘Why is my electricity bill so high?’ is to have a professional conduct an audit and tell you. This way, you’ll know which appliances are the culprits so you can use them less.

  1. You don’t open the windows and doors much

Again, you reach for the air conditioner remote or turn on a fan before you let fresh air in. We do this almost unconsciously, seeking quick comfort.

  1. You’re using old appliances

We know you’re saving up for that new Thermomix, but it’s important to check your current appliances aren’t costing you more than they should. Old, faulty appliances consume unnecessary extra energy.

  1. Everything is plugged in, everywhere

In today’s day and age, we’re always on. But this doesn’t mean every device, appliance and light needs to be plugged in. Power up what you’re using, then ‘standby’ or turn the rest off.

  1. You don’t have LED lighting

Think about how many lightbulbs you have in your house. Most days, each of these lights is turned on – some for hours at a time. Are you still using energy-sucking incandescent bulbs? Switch to LED (and lower bills) ASAP.

Reduce your power-bill-opening anxiety.

If you suspect that you’re using too much electricity, consider arranging an energy audit to determine the breakdown of your costs. With your heating and cooling accounting for nearly half of your electricity bill, talk to an air conditioning team about inspecting your system.

AEP technicians are happy to help to make sure you’re running an energy-efficient air conditioner. Book in an appointment before our scorching summer hits.