Air conditioning is a must in most Australian homes these days. The weather is getting hotter and the only way to get relief at home is with a reliable air conditioner. You need to keep you and your family cool.

However, if your air conditioner suddenly starts making a lot of noise don’t ignore it, you need to take some action to find out the cause. Often it is the compressor and the noise usually means that there is some kind of problem and you need to call a professional for assistance.

Common noises and their causes

Different issues with your air conditioner cause distinctive noises. If you hear a sound coming from your A/C it may be:

Banging – there may be a part that has worked its way loose inside your compressor. Possibly a piston pin, crankshaft, connecting rod or a mount.

Hissing – refrigerant may be leaking from your compressor.

Buzzing fan – usually located outside, if your fan is making a noise it could be a loose wire, the motor may have problems or connections could be arcing.

Rattling – does your unit have a compressor crankcase heater element? This noise could mean that the air conditioner has been started before the required 24 hours of power-on time has passed.

Humming – if an electric motor is humming in your air conditioner, it may indicate there is an issue with the starting capacitor.

Clicking – Check your thermostat it may have a defect or need replacing.

Screaming – this may indicate that the internal pressure has built up to a dangerous level. Turn it off immediately and call a professional to assess the unit.

Always call a professional to fix you’re air conditioning

It’s great to have an understanding of why your air conditioning is making more noise than usual. Nevertheless, it is essential to engage a professional, who knows air conditioners to carry out repairs. When you try and DIY repairs it can have disastrous results, and it may end up costing you a lot more than calling a professional in the first place.