If there’s a time you need to make a quick purchasing decision, it’s when your air conditioner fails you. Hopefully, it happens during the ‘in-between’ seasons, like autumn or spring.

Heaven forbid it decides to break during a heatwave… or if you’ve got a split system, on a miserable, cold wintery day! Either way, you need to know the air conditioner types available to you so you can make a decision fast.

What Size?

While a quick search for ‘air conditioner size calculator’ online will point you in the right direction, there’s more to your buying decision than how big (or small) a system is.

Going on size alone, Choice recommends a 2-2.5kW system for rooms up to 20m2… and 6-9kW for those around 80+m2. We suggest picking a model with equal (or slightly greater) capacity for the room.

Pull out your trusty tape measure, and multiply your room’s width and length, to decide what size air conditioner will suit the room.

Which Brand?

There are different types of air con models, brands and looks. Do you have a preference? Are you happy with your current air conditioner model?

AC technicians usually partner with specific brands, so keep this in mind when choosing your provider. With us, for example, we have our favourite brands, but we’re happy to install your chosen make and model. It’s important to determine this up-front.

What Type?

It’s best to talk with your technician to find out whether a wall-mounted air conditioner, a split system, a multisplit system or a ducted evaporative model will work best for your space.

If you want a year-round solution that heats and cools specifically, in compact spaces, you’ll probably lean towards a split system, whereas for that full-home control, a ducted solution would be best.

Until you speak with a professional, you’re just guessing. And with the price of electricity, your heating and cooling system is probably the most important financial decision you’ll make all year.

What Cost?

And of course, we can’t forget your air conditioner price. Do you have a budget in mind? Are you looking to spend a little more for a premium brand with a long warranty?

Which Features?

Do you want add-ons like Wi-Fi control, self-cleaning and sleep mode? These systems will command a higher retail cost, so take the time to explore the features and decide which ones you’ll use.

Do your research, shop around, and most importantly, talk to the people who live and breathe air conditioners.

And we know just the lads who can help you.

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