We’ve all walked into offices that feel like the Arctic. Close your eyes and it’s not hard to envision yourself in Iceland or Alaska.

And while this could be seen as a ‘creative’ approach to motivate your employees, for the most part, it’s uncomfortable… and it causes a lot of frustration among workers.

Every office has a token blanket. Shared property, it belongs to the coldest person on the day. Usually, the worker closest to the air conditioner. There’s always that person who always thinks it’s hot even in the middle of winter.

But you can find a middle ground.

Don’t pass the air conditioner remote control around

Put someone in charge of operating the system. The best temperature for air conditioner models sits at 23 degrees. If the temperature is constantly fluctuating, the system will consume more power – which means higher electricity bills.

Reposition desks and work stations

Back to those two types of employees: the one with the blanket, the other in the T-shirt. Avoid the feuds and reconsider the work station layout. Reconfigure the space, so the employees who ‘run hot’ are close to the air conditioner, with your blanket-loving workers further away, ideally in that sunlit spot.

We can almost guarantee your team members will complain less and even be motivated to come into the office. They’ll find it easier to focus, get work done, and enjoy it.

Invest in regular servicing

With an air conditioner that runs around eight hours a day, it’s important to dedicate resources to servicing and maintenance. Have you ever experienced the side effects of air conditioner on health?

You won’t be able to stop sneezing and rubbing your eyes. What feels like allergies is just dirty air, recirculating all day. Keep your employees healthy, happy, and motivated… without having to take sick days to recoup.

Our technicians can advise you on air conditioning health problems and how easy they are to avoid. Speaking of experts, that’s us!

Give our air conditioning service team a call and we’ll take over the maintenance and performance of your system. If your business is in the Adelaide Hills or Fleurieu Pensinula, we’ll keep your air conitioner working well (and your employees comfortably happy).

Have you checked your split air conditioner, ready for this winter yet? Contact us today for great start-of-the-season specials. Don’t mess around when it comes to your employees’ health.