There’s a lot of things that you can do around the house yourself. Decorating, painting, tiling and even building a deck. But there’s also tasks that are best left to the professionals (even if you consider yourself a DIY extraordinaire).

The top of this list is all electrical work, including your air conditioner installation. No matter how handy you are, electricity is not something you want to tinker with over your weekend.

Why hire a professional electrician?

Let’s start with the safety component. Even if you have a basic understanding of electrics and manage to install the air conditioning unit, this is no guarantee it’s wired properly. You can never be sure.

There’s also the risk of it breaking down sooner than it should due to improper installation. In an attempt to keep a few extra dollars in your pocket, you risk having to outlay hundreds much sooner than you need to (in a couple of years, rather than many years later). Also, this can affect the ongoing power consumption.

A professional electrician can spot issues that a DIYer can’t, such as poor airflow, leaky ducts, broken parts and frequent tripping. Improper wiring can cause a short circuit, which can do damage to your entire house.

If you’re looking for air conditioner repair and electrician services, talk to us. The important thing is to find a team of contractors who won’t make you question the value of their service.

The great thing about buying a new air conditioner is installation is bundled with the system purchase. This saves time and money when you’re replacing the system.

A technician will help you select the right system for your home space and lifestyle requirements, too. This is as important point and something you don’t want to just guess. If you’re serious about saving money on your power bill and creating an energy-efficient house, your heating and cooling will play a big part in this. And, the way a system is installed can be the difference between hundreds or thousands on your power bill.

Licensed, qualified and affordable air conditioning installers, specialising in the Adelaide Hills

At AEP, our air conditioning installations are cost-effective, fast, and completed by reputable, qualified professionals who can guarantee its safety. And keeping you safe in your own home is more important than saving a few bucks.