Ever had to look twice at a power bill? That extra zero on the end of the price made your jaw drop and break out in a sweat?

It’s never fun. We’ve been there too. But you don’t have to accept that’s ‘just the price of power.’

Let’s talk about a five foolproof ways to save money on your power bill – without having to resort to candles.

  1. Turn off lights in rooms you’re not using

When you walk out of a room, make it a habit to turn off the lights – even if you’re coming back into that room in a few minutes. If you can, use natural light instead. Open the blinds in the day, and of course, close them at night.

  1. Close doors to retain heat

In winter, close doors throughout your home to help keep the warmth in your lounge room and bedrooms. If you’re watching TV on the sofa after dinner, close the doors so the air doesn’t escape down the hallway.

  1. Hang out your wet clothes

Reduce your electricity cost simply by air-drying your clothes, instead of putting them in a tumble dryer. This works well if you have a spare room to sit your clothing on hangers. Try your laundry, or even outside if that works better.

  1. Install more plants

One of the most effective ways to stay cool in summer is to prevent hot air travelling inside your home. Plants and trees help reduce the sun shining on your roof, windows, and outdoor air conditioner. Plus, they make your home look pretty.

  1. Check your appliances

Appliances, especially old ones, can chew up power. Check your air conditioner, fridge, portable heaters, fans plus kitchen and bathroom appliances. And always opt for energy efficient products.

Implement these little strategies and you’ll notice the savings on your next power bill. In time, they’ll become habits and you’ll do it without even realising.

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