Us Aussies love to host, and summer is the season for it. Our calendars soon fill up with barbeques, coffee catch-ups, beers with the mates and family hangouts – all in the comfort of our cool, air-conditioned homes.

In South Australia, it gets hot. Really hot. There are few days that we’re not relying on our systems to keep us comfortable, especially when we’re hosting. Nothing is worse than coming home to a stifling dry heat on a 40-degree day.

We suggest investing in a regular air conditioner service after every season. But because you’ll be using your system every day during summer, it might need a little extra TLC. When you call out an air conditioner specialist (like us), we’ll check for damaged or worn parts that require immediate replacement. We’ll also clean components such as the condenser and filters, which will extend the life of your system.

After a long summer, simply changing the filter can reduce internal deficiencies caused by the build-up of dust, fluff and debris. By taking care of this one simple task, you’ll notice improved airflow (and quality).

Regular servicing will maintain up to 95% of its original efficiency

A recent article came out stating that people regularly maintaining their system can keep it in near-new condition. And while you might not have a Samsung air conditioner, the same can be said for all systems. This means the cost of regular servicing is quickly recovered in savings on your monthly power bill (and reduced future repair costs).

It’s natural to wait for a problem to emerge until you hire a technician to check your system. However, this stat proves the value of regular servicing, especially after summer. In a routine service, we’ll inspect all major equipment to keep it operating efficiently.

This includes cleaning your condensing unit and evaporator coils, oiling the fan motors, checking the belts, inspecting operating pressures and temperatures, and ensuring the refrigerant levels are normal, among other tasks.

As a result, the likelihood of a breakdown is reduced and the unit lifespan is improved, which increases your overall comfort and peace of mind. By making sure everything is in order, the system won’t have to work in overdrive (and push up your energy consumption).

There are plenty of reasons to prioritise air conditioning maintenance. But avoiding that breakdown in the heart of a summer heatwave tops the list.