Do you know how much your air conditioner is costing you? It’s one of those things that is hard to judge. We tend to look at our overall power consumption, but in doing this, we miss things.

The average cost to run an air conditioner

Of course, usage will be different for everybody. We all love a cool home on a hot Adelaide day, but can we really enjoy it if all we’re worried about is seeing that figure on our next bill. It’s good to have an idea of the numbers.

Australian households spend an average of $239 each month on electricity in summer. And when we do receive a high bill, most of us point our fingers at the air conditioner.

However recent research published by Canstar Blue suggests that air conditioners are getting a bad reputation, and the costs are much less than people think. Let’s break it down a bit further for you.

For a small room (10 square metres), running an electric, split system air conditioner (2.5-star) with a 2.5 kW output, you’re looking at an annual cost of $34. The same system, but a 5-star model, will only cost $27 per year.  

Upgrade the room size to 35 square meters. Two star systems will cost $74 every year and a three-star system will come in at $86. Nearly double the room size to 60 metres and 1.5-star system will cost $125 and a three-star $108.

Now, for a house (166 square metres) that operates a ducted air conditioner, you’re looking at $383 to cool the whole house every year. And for the same home that runs a 16kW evaporative system, it’s going to be about $54.

As you can see, air conditioners don’t cost as much as you think they do to run. If we look at the most expensive system, cooling the whole house, breaking it down into monthly could cost us as little as $32/month. And as mentioned, split system air conditioners will be much less. Not a lot to pay when you consider your level of comfort.

Saying that, air conditioning electricity usage can be bloated if you have a faulty or old air conditioning system that hasn’t been maintained, or if you don’t have the right system for your home. It’s a good idea to get your air conditioner serviced regularly. And sometimes it’s more cost effective to install a new air conditioner, which will save you money now and into the future.

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