Many of the common issues associated with air conditioners are due to clogged filters. And guess what? It’s a simple fix. Air conditioner filters are a small component that make a big difference to the system’s performance.

Clean filters help maintain quality air in your home. Replacing your filters regularly will help produce clean air no matter how much you use the system. Often, indoor air is much more polluted than that which is outside. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Why replace your air conditioner filters?

For that steady, fresh flow of air, it’s important to invest in new filters – the essential component of your air conditioning system. There’s a number of reasons to perform this regularly.

New filters reduce energy bills because your system isn’t working in overdrive. This extends the life of the unit and helps minimise premature system breakdown. And most importantly, replacing your filters will reduce dust allergens and improve the quality of air in your home.

If you have anyone in the family who suffers from allergies, asthma or often gets the sneezes, this will keep your air healthy and fresh in the home. We suggest replacing your filters every six to 12 months. Check air quality in your home and listen to your body.

Are you rubbing your eyes a lot? Sneezing? Coughing? These are tell-tale signs it could be time to replace your filters.

Is your house always dusty? Of course, some dust is normal and unavoidable. But do you notice an excessive amount? This could be because your system can’t filter the dust, pushing it out into the vents instead. Look for grey filters around the house, too. That’s dirt and dust build-up.

Monitor how long it’s taking to cool the house. Dirty filters can lead to operational issues. If the air cannot pass through the filter properly, the system will have to work harder. You’ll notice the effects of this in your next power bill. If this is constantly rising, replacing your filters can be a quick, affordable remedy.

Partner with a local air conditioning specialist who can take care of your filter replacements. You’ll enjoy fresher air, less cleaning, reduced electricity bills, and a healthier home. If you have ‘shedding’ pets, we suggest new filters every six months.

Talk to AEP, your local air quality monitor team in the Adelaide Hills. We’ll plan a maintenance program, so all you need to do is remember the day we’re coming.

Easy breezy.