We all know the saying: Don’t fix what’s not broken. Sure, that applies to many things but your air conditioner should not be one of them.

Think about it. Your air conditioner relies on power to run. If it’s not working efficiently, it’ll use more power than it should – working in overdrive. Plus, there are the repair and maintenance costs. If you need to keep calling a technician in to examine your system, those costs add up.

Let’s say you pay $300 (for the call out fees and labour) every year to have your system repaired or a part replaced, that’s $1,500 every five years. You could have a new split system for that price.

So, when should you replace your air conditioner? Consider these factors when deciding whether to repair or replace.

3 tips to help you decide whether to repair or replace

  1. Consider the age of your air conditioner

The age of your system plays an important role in making the choice to repair or replace. There’s a 5,000 rule. Start with the age of the equipment and multiply that by the repair cost. If the total comes to 5,000 or more, replace it.

  1. Think about energy efficiency

Are you using more power than you used to? It could be due to your air conditioner. New systems have greater advancements in this area to help improve energy efficiency. Keep it on a comfortable average temperature e.g. 22°C – cooler or hotter needs progressively more power/cost.

  1. How often you use it

Do you rely on your air conditioner all year? Is it something you can’t go a day without? If so, it pays to invest in a modern system. You can save money on energy costs and enjoy an awesome temperature at home, year-round.

If you’re unsure whether your system needs repairing or replacing, talk to us. We can schedule in an inspection for you.