Did you know the average life of an air conditioner system is between 15 and 25 years? That’s air conditioner efficiency longer than your family car – and think about how much thought goes into that purchase. Your air conditioner is one of the oldest appliances in your home.

Unlike the fridge or many of your entertainment devices, an air conditioner doesn’t just last a few years—it outlives them all. But not without maintenance, like replacing air conditioner filters. While systems can last up to a quarter of a century, they require regular servicing. Just like your 25-year-old car needs a mechanic, your system works with the help of a specialist home air conditioning service team.

So what can shorten the life of an air conditioner? A few factors, such as:

  • Poor maintenance practices
  • Defective components
  • Installing the wrong size – under or overcompensating
  • Improper installation
  • Leaving the windows and doors open while the unit is on
  • Salty or corrosive environments

Regular maintenance will intercept a multitude of issues, including those above. If you do just one thing to keep your system purring for decades, invest in a professional air conditioning technician who will teach you about high-efficiency air conditioners.

This check-up will usually include changing the filter, removing debris from the system, cleaning the external unit, and replacing refrigerant insulation as necessary. Invest in regular servicing, at least once a year (but we suggest at the start of each season), and you might just find your system hits the 25-year milestone.

Let’s do the numbers. Say your new Panasonic split system air conditioner is $2,250. In scenario one, you invest in annual check-ups from a local air conditioner service team, who charge $100 per visit. Over the course of 10 years, you still only spend $1,000 – with a system that could still last another 15 years.

Now, in scenario two, you don’t invest in any maintenance. Within five years, your system breaks down because mechanical issues have gone unnoticed. You spend another $2,250, then begin investing in annual check-ups. So the following five years costs you another $500. Over that decade, you’ll have spent $2,750 vs. $1,000.

Partner with an air conditioning electrician

Your air conditioner is just one (important) part of your home’s electrical systems and appliances. By working with a service technician who’s an electrician, you’ll know your entire system is taken care of (as well as the air conditioner’s energy consumption). All AEP specialists are also qualified electricians, with a vision to save you money – starting with your air conditioner, then looking at how your entire system functions.

Save money with the help of our air conditioning contractors.