While air conditioner maintenance might not be at the forefront of your mind, saving energy should be. If you get anxious about opening your electricity bill, this article is for you. With heating and cooling accounting for a huge slice of your electricity bill ‘pie’, it’s important to understand how to use your air conditioner.

How to care for and best use your air conditioner

Let’s give you a quick rundown in the do’s and don’ts of air conditioner efficiency.

DO: Understand your energy habits

Take a few minutes to look back on your electricity consumption habits. Is your air conditioner energy consumption increasing? Have your habits changed? Does your usage follow a seasonal pattern? Get familiar with your needs and habits first.

DO: Check the thermostat

Is the thermostat set according to your manufacturer’s specifications? While you might be tempted to make your home as cool as possible on those scorching days, a few degrees can greatly impact your energy bill. At the same time, avoid constantly changing the setting. Check your guidelines but aim for around the 23° mark.

DON’T: Forget about cleaning the outdoor units

Are there weeds and other obstructions around your outdoor unit? It’s easy to forget about this part of the system because you don’t see it every day. To keep your air conditioner running efficiently, make sure there’s no build-up of vegetation around it that’ll affect the system’s airflow. Your technician should take care of this, but it’s important to be aware of it.

DON’T: Ignore vent placement

What angle are your vents pointing to? You might think you need to make the system cooler when you can re-direct the vents. Also, make sure that the vents aren’t being blocked by curtains, furniture or other obstructions. This can reduce your air circulation. Keep in mind where you spend the most time so you can make the system work best for you.

If you’re operating a split system, avoid cooling empty rooms. It’s an obvious point but one that’s easy to do if you’re moving around the house. Isolate your living spaces to save energy.

And you know the last DO that we can’t forget: routine cleaning. To maintain a high-efficiency air conditioner, hire a technician to check your system at the beginning of every season. Give our team a call to find out about our affordable rates.

We help you save on your electricity bill with regular air conditioner servicing.