Is your air conditioner starting to show signs of wear? Has it served you for many seasons, and you’re thinking of upgrading? You’re probably weighing up the different systems and models.

Energy efficiency is important to you, and so is a system’s lifespan. It’s great that you’re taking the time to look at your options. Even if you plan to speak to a professional, educating yourself can help ensure you’re happy with the decision.

And, it always pays to know more about the products you use (especially when it accounts for up to 40% of your electricity bill).

Thinking about a wall-mounted air conditioner or a portable air cooler? Wondering about the key differences?

Let’s focus on split system air conditioners, for now.

The Pros:

Split system air conditioners are typically more flexible than ducted AC. You can choose the rooms you’d like to install it in (and can always add new units, at any time). This system type is more cost-effective to run, especially for smaller houses. If you find you only spend time in a couple of areas of the house, a split-system is the way to go. You won’t need full-house temperature control.

The Cons:

Split systems are, of course, physical units, which some people might not like. And you won’t just have one unit but rather, a system per room. The air conditioners only push out so much air, and not far, so bigger rooms take longer to cool. If your living room is large and open-plan, a split system will have to operate longer (and consume more power) until you’re comfortable.

Portable air conditioner vs. split system. The verdict?

Take a good look at your home and the rooms you spend time in. Are they large? If you just need to cool a bedroom, office and humble living space, split systems are an affordable option.

If energy-efficiency is extremely important to you, a split system is certainly the best choice. The design of these systems will help reduce your energy expenditure. Split systems air conditioners are quick to install, wonderfully-quiet, and provide great flexibility.

Every house has varying needs and priorities. While research is a great start, it’s best to sit down with heating and cooling technicians who understand the subtle differences between systems, models and brands.

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Already decided on a split system? This is our favourite system type, too.