Are you building a new home? You’re in a great position. There’s no better way to create a green home than by starting with a blank canvas. Every design decision you make and every product you choose can reflect your desire to save the environment – and save on your energy bills.

While there are many energy-efficient strategies you can look at – like solar power, proper insulation and LED lighting – we’re going to focus on heating and cooling.

Optimising the temperature of your house accounts for 40% of your energy consumption. Water heating comes in second with 21% of your energy consumption. If you can tackle the largest energy chewer from the get-go, it’ll be easier to save energy over the long-term.

Choosing your air conditioner

With millions of air conditioners installed every year, which is best for you? Every home has different cooling needs and there isn’t one air-con solution that suits everyone. Here are three popular choices for new home builders:

  1. Split system air conditioners:

    Split system refrigerative air conditioners are popular because they are relatively quiet and are designed to effectively cool the sorts of areas you find in most homes.

  2. Wall or window mounted air conditioners:

    These single-unit air conditioners are slightly noisier, but can easily be mounted in a window and don’t require a separate compressor/evaporative unit.

  3. Ducted air conditioners:

    Ducted air conditioners are designed to cool entire houses. A cooling unit is typically mounted on the roof, and cool air is spread around the home through a network of ducts.

When deciding on the system, size matters. This comes back to your house plans and calculating how big your home will be. Once you know the size of your home, you will be able to determine the type and capacity of system that best suits you.

Is it just one area that you’d like to keep cool, or all rooms? As a general guide, for a one or two-bedroom home, a 2.5kW split system will be more than enough for the bedrooms (and maybe a 5kW for the living area).

For a family of more than three, it could be more economical to upgrade to a ducted evaporative system. It’s a cheaper alternative to reverse cycle air conditioning. A 7kW cooler should be sufficient in this case. And for those bigger homes, anywhere upwards of 10kW will be required.

At AEPER, we specialise in split systems. That’s because the units are simple to control and affordable to run, whether it’s for a single room or your entire home. If you’re in the process of building a house and you’d like to chat to our air conditioning experts, get in touch.

Let’s build your cooling system right from the start.